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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The staff"

"Personalized service, and knowledgeable staff"

"The staff is the BEST!"

"Everyone is wonderful."


"The personal service."


"Personal service!"


"They know important things about me personally, like the fact that I walk regularly, so they remind me to stay hydrated, and if it's very hot, or cold, ask if I'm being careful."

"They are always so nice!"

"The personal service."

"The best, PERIOD!"

"The personal touch provided by the staff."

"Everyone is extremely helpful."

"The people"

"Local hometown feeling"


"Friendly and knowledgeable staff"

"Everyone is very friendly and helpful."

"They are always so friendly and helpful."

"Super friendly and helpful"

"GREAT staff & service"

"Harry and his staff are kind, caring, patient, and very knowledgeable."

"The entire staff is personable and helpful. They are like family."

"Friendly and helpful staff"

"The staff"

"Best customer service; knowledgeable staff"

"Fast & friendly"

"Has a very helpful, and caring, staff."


"The best!"

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff that always makes time to answer your questions, and listen to your concerns."

"They know me when I come in."

"Easy to use"

"Everyone is always friendly and super helpful."


"Everyone goes out of their way to help the customer."

"It's not a chain store, it's more personal."

"Everyone at The Medicine Shoppe is the best in their field. No other pharmacy comes close to this group!"


"Friendly and knowledgeable staff"

"Nice and friendly atmosphere; very knowledgable staff"

"Their personalized service, and commitment to my family's well being."

"Knowledgeable and dependable"


"The staff is great!"


"The people are really nice, and extremely helpful."

"They're very friendly & make you feel welcome."

"They take their time when answering your questions."

"Very nice employees, and Harry is awesome."

"They will do anything for their customers."

"Speedy with filling scripts"

"The staff, at this location, are phenomenal!"

You can help Woodbridge Medicine Shoppe by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!